PACTware 6.1 Now Supports FDT3 and Expands Device Integration Model

February 7, 2023

FDT Group™, an international, non-profit industry association supporting the evolution of FDT technology for industrial device management, today announced that the PACTware consortium released its latest software version, PACTware 6.1, based on the latest FDT3 standard. PACTware 6.1 is one of the first FDT3 stand-alone device configuration environments available. The software tool’s source code is available to the PACTware Consortium membership consisting of 22 automation vendors who offer the FDT-enabled hosting product to the user community at no cost. By leveraging the modern FDT3 Unified Environment for intelligent device management, PACTware 6.1 users will enjoy the ability to support their current FDT DTM install base and support modern FDT3 web-based DTMs that are scalable for IIoT architectures. This release also supports integration with FDI Device Packages.

Suppliers of industrial automation systems and devices want to provide solutions that enable the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). To meet their customers’ needs, it is vital for suppliers to enhance their system and device offerings with standards-based, platform-independent, information-driven business models. The new FDT3 standard is accelerating the digital manufacturing journey by enabling an ecosystem of FDT-based solutions providing a unified environment for industrial device management with IT/OT data-driven operations.

“Upgrading to FDT3 is a critical step to serve the best interest of the broad automation market and diverse membership looking for next generation intelligent device management solutions.” States Holger Sack, chairman of the board for PACTware consortium. “The updated PACTware 6.1 application empowers users with the flexibility to deploy their choice of device data model that now supports both FDI and FDT3 DTMs with a simple and recognizable tool to configure a wide range of field components, independent of the manufacturer or protocol deployed. This minimizes the amount of work involved, ensures application safety, and reduces training requirements.”

In addition to the new FDT3 standard that fully describes the FDT Desktop environment and FDT web-based device DTM, the standard also defines a cloud-based FDT Server environment for distributed control. The new FDT3 DTM and FDT Server are OPC UA- and -mobile ready without any coding, allowing users an easy to use and scalable migration path of OT data to IT enterprise applications.

“The PACTware consortium is a leader for products based on the FDT standard. The solution is widely deployed today as the most popular FDT Desktop point-to-point application simplifying configuration, operation, and maintenance practices,” observes Steve Biegacki, FDT Group managing director. “By supporting FDT3, PACTware 6.1 future proofs its platform and expands integration capabilities while supporting the millions of device DTMs in service today. Additionally, it creates a path for the FDT Server environment providing workforce mobility solutions, as well as data harmonization for enterprise-wide applications. This is a huge win for the industry.”

PACTware 6.1 is available for downloads from its’ member community at:

About FDT Group AISBL

The FDT Group AISBL is an international non-profit corporation consisting of leading worldwide member companies active in industrial automation and manufacturing. The major purpose of the FDT Group is to provide an open standard for enterprise-wide network and asset integration, innovating the way automation architectures connect and communicate sensor to cloud for the process, hybrid and factory automation markets. The FDT standard is globally adopted by IEC 62453, ISA 103, and GB-T 29618-2017 with millions of Device Type Managers (DTMs) in use. FDT Technology benefits both manufacturers and end users, with advancements such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industrie 4.0 delivered out-of-the-box – enabling modernized asset integration and access to performance data for visualizing crucial operational problems. Around the world, end users, manufacturers, universities, and research organizations are working together to develop the technology; provide development tools, support, and training; coordinate field trials and demonstrations; and enable product interoperability.

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About PACTware

The PACTware Consortium e.V. was founded to create a platform for distribution of the manufacturer-independent configuration software PACTware. Beside the maintenance and further development of PACTware, a central task of the association is to provide an open platform to integrate the best solutions for our users. PACTware’s source code is available free-of-charge to the members of the PACTware Consortium. Each member is free to use the software and further develop it. However, this takes place on the condition is that all further developments be made available to the association as open source. The association is the custodian of PACTware and has proprietor rights. The development work is financed through membership fees.

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