Applying Proven Know-how and Expertise

FDT Group is working towards an “out-of-the-box” IIoT architecture, and as such, it turns to experts in the industry for guidance. Members are encouraged to participate in the many different working groups, which offer an opportunity to share expertise, network with industry peers and gain early insight to technology direction and marketing strategies.

Architecture and Specification

Architecture and Specification Working Group collaborates on the development of FDT standards and technology annexes.

Share your expertise and join FDT Technology project groups.

To participate contact Suriya Kumar Selvaraj (VP of FDT Technology)

FDT Specifications Project Groups (PG)

  • FDT Core Specification
  • FDT (IEC 62453)  Specification PG
  • FDT Style Guide PG

Annexes Project Groups (PG)

  • Modbus Annex PG
  • HART Annex PG
  • OPC-UA Annex PG
  • CIP Annex PG
  • FOUNDATION fieldbus (FF) Annex PG
  • ISA100.11a Annex PG
  • IO-Link Annex PG
  • EtherCAT Annex PG
  • CC Link Annex PG
  • Interbus Annex PG
  • Sercos Annex PG
  • CANopen Annex PG
  • PLC FDT Interface PG

Test and Certification

Test and Certification Working Group is committed to the advancement of FDT test tools and management of the FDT/DTM certification process.

Share your expertise and join test and certification project groups.

To participate contact Suriya Kumar Selvaraj (VP of FDT Technology)

Test and Certification Project Groups (PG):

  • dtmINSPECTOR Project Group
  • Test and Certification Process Project Group


Marketing Working Group is involved with technical marketing, industry associations, trade exhibitions, and related marketing activities.

Share your expertise and join FDT Marketing project groups.

To participate, contact Glenn Schulz (FDT Managing Director)

Marketing Project Groups (PG):

  • Technical Marketing Project Group
  • Cooperation/Associations Project Group
  • EMEA Marketing Committee
  • North American Marketing Committee
  • Asia/Pacific Marketing Committee