Membership Classification and Fees

FDT Group offers a choice of membership levels to meet the needs of different industry organizations. Please select the level at which you want to join (note the associated fees for the respective levels).

Voting Member Classifications and Annual Fee Schedule

Member Class (based on Operational Revenue)Sponsor (Voting)Corporate (Voting)
Class A: more than 100 M€50 K€15 K€
Class B: 20 M€ to 100 M€50 K€8 K€
Class C: 10 M€ to 20 M€50 K€5 K€
Class D: less than 10 M€50 K€3 K€

Non-Voting Member Classifications & Annual Fee Schedule

Member Class (based on Operational Revenue)Affiliate
Affiliate - End User/Individual/University
Level 1: more than 100 M€10 K€------------
Level 2: 20 M€ to 100 M€5.3 K€------------
Level 3: less than 20 M€2 K€------------
Level 4: -------------------------------No Annual Fee