IIoT-ready FDT Server Solutions

Within the FDT Unified Environment (UE), the FDT Server is a distributive, multi-user server solution employing a Web Services portal that allows access from authenticated mobile devices or any major browser along with an OPC UA Server for IT/OT convergence and enterprise access. Its rich control features ensure any industrial communication protocol or vendor device can be seamlessly integrated as part of smart manufacturing practices.

  • Utilizes .NETCore open-source software to build device, cloud and IIoT applications
  • Compatible with a choice of operating systems, including iOS, Linux and Windows
  • Offers a variety of deployment options, including cloud, edge, on-premise air-gapped systems
  • Employs Server Common Components to simplify developer efforts

Cloud Architecture

FDT Server and FDThub in the Cloud

On-Premise Architecture

FDT Server On-premise and FDThub in the Cloud or On-premise