Unlocking Universal Device Integration

The FDT Device Type Manager™ (FDT DTM) contains application software that defines all the parameters and capabilities included in an automation device. The DTM encapsulates device-specific data, functions and business rules such as the device structure, its communication capabilities, internal dependencies, and human-machine interface (HMI) structure. Recent developments allow for the creation of an FDT 3.0 DTM that will seamlessly integrate with any FDT Server (multi-user) or Desktop (single-user) hosting environment.

Device DTM

Device DTMs are utilized by a host of field instrumentation—from simple devices to valves and other complex devices, which employ DTMs for advanced diagnostics and asset management. Device DTMs can support one or a family of common devices such as pressure or temperature transmitters.

Interpreter DTM

Interpreter DTMs interpret other types of device representations, such as Device Descriptions (DDs), Electronic Device Descriptions (EDDs), Field Device Integration (FDI) Device Packages, and IODD to allow configuration and parameter access within an FDT system.

Universal DTM

Universal DTMs universally represent all devices with the compliant parameters of a specific protocol.

Communication (Comm) DTM

Communication DTMs standardize the communication channel to the operations of the mapped IT/OT network protocol.

Gateway DTM

Gateway DTMs allow communication to transition between the communications paths of different protocols.