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FDT Technology continues to be at the forefront of industrial automation advancement, with a truly open and standardized architecture to address the critical needs of the connected world of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0. New initiatives will support mobility, on-the-wire security, and comprehensive interoperability. The FDT® standard will continue to boast protocol and platform independence where compliant solutions can be deployed in a standalone, client/server, or cloud architecture.fdt-member-02

Join the FDT Group and other leading companies in providing innovative FDT-enabled product solutions, services and more. FDT Group members have the opportunity to join working groups, technical project groups and marketing committees, participate in marketing programs and so much more – all to help direct the technology.

Membership Benefits (depending on membership classification) include:

FDT Standard IP License Rights – Members have the full right to develop FDT-enabled product solutions based off the FDT standard. FDT is the only comprehensive asset integration solution for the process, hybrid and factory environments, globally adopted and internationally recognized as IEC 62453, ANSI/ISA103 and GB/T China GB/T 29618.

Developer Tools & Support  – Manufacturers can develop FDT-enabled products faster with comprehensive developer tools. This approach reduces development time and cost, and ensures systems and DTMs are plug and play. Members receive discounts on toolkits and license agreements. A dedicated FDT development support line is also available to help with development questions.

Access to FDT Integration Lab – The FDT integration lab at Dietz Automation provides a comprehensive environment of systems and devices for members to utilize (at no cost) at interoperability events twice a year. Remote capabilities for the Integration lab are also allowed for those who can’t attend in person.

FDT/DTM Certification – All FDT/DTMs should be certified by the FDT Group to obtain the official certification seal confirming standard conformance. Membership at certain levels may entitle companies to FDT/DTM certification at no cost.

Trademark Logo Usage/Style Guide  – Members are entitled to use the “FDT Technology” and “FDT Member” logos for marketing purposes. Members with certified DTMs are entitled to use the “FDT Certified” logo to promote product conformance. Usage of all FDT-registered logos must be according to the rules stated in the FDT Style Guide.

Product/Logo Branding – Members obtain the right to use FDT Group registered trademark names (e.g., FDT® and DTM™) for FDT-enabled solutions (e.g., FRAME Applications, DTMs, Tools, Services) and may obtain registration. Usage of said product trademarks/logos should follow the rules outlined in the FDT Style Guide.

Marketing FDT-enabled Solutions – Members can promote their FDT-enabled product offerings throughout the year and are entitled to participate in highly visible FDT global marketing initiatives such as trade shows, roadshows, product demonstration, seminars, webinars, promotional programs, newsletters and more.

Working Groups – The FDT Group is a member-driven organization and encourages members to actively participate. One way to get involved is to join an FDT Technology or marketing working group. For a list of working/project groups, please click here.

FDT Board of Directors and Executive Committee – Companies pursuing comprehensive IIoT/Industry 4.0 sensor-to-cloud integration for the industrial automation marketplace should considering joining the FDT Group as sponsoring member. They will have the opportunity to fully engage with active participation along with other leading industrial companies.

Voting Rights – Members can attend the annual FDT Group General Assembly and gain the right to vote on strategies and initiatives to help direct the future evolution of FDT Technology.

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