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FDT Technology continues to be at the forefront of industrial automation advancement, with a truly open and standardized architecture to address the critical needs of the connected world of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0. New initiatives will support mobility, on-the-wire security, and comprehensive interoperability. The FDT® standard will continue to boast protocol and platform independence where compliant solutions can be deployed in a standalone, client/server, or cloud architecture.fdt-member-02

Join the FDT Group and other leading companies in providing innovative FDT-enabled product solutions, services and more. FDT Group members have the opportunity to join working groups, technical project groups and marketing committees, participate in marketing programs and so much more – all to help direct the technology.

Membership Benefits

Item Sponsor
Class A-D
Class A-D
LVL 1-3
Membership Fee (annual)Various (see membership)Various (see membership)Various (see membership)Various (see membership)Various (see membership)
Use of FDT Member and Technology LogosYYYYN
Marketing Opportunities for FDT-enabled SolutionsYYYNN
Product/Logo Branding - Use of FDT IP Owned TrademarksYYYNN
Join Technology/Marketing Working GroupsYYYNN
Voting Rights at Annual General AssemblyYYNNN
Member of the Board of Directors and Executive CommitteeYNNNN
SpecificationsList PriceDiscountDiscountDiscountDiscountDiscount
FDT FITS Specification Vendor ID License to Develop FITS Products (Note 1)15K€ 100%100%100%0%0%
FDT Legacy Version SpecificationsFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFree
Developer ToolsList PriceDiscountDiscountDiscountDiscountDiscount
DTM Common Components (Maintenance Agreement Required)9.5K€ 50%50%20%0%0%
DTM Common Components Maintenance Agreement1.5K€ 20%20%20%0%0%
FDT Desktop Common Components (Maintenance Agreement Required)MarketMarketMarketMarketMarketMarket
FDT Desktop Common Components Maintenance AgreementMarketMarketMarketMarketMarketMarket
FITS Server Common Components (Maintenance Agreement Required)15K€ 50%50%20%0%0%
FITS Server Common Components Maintenance Agreement3K€ 50%50%20%0%0%
Test ToolList PriceDiscountDiscountDiscountDiscountDiscount
dtmINSPECTOR (Maintenance Agreement Required)3K€ 50%50%20%0%0%
dtmINSPECTOR Maintenance Agreement750 € 20%20%20%0%0%
CertificationList PriceDiscountDiscountDiscountDiscountDiscount
Certification of DTM to Legacy FDT Standards
(not including test lab)
(see certification)
(up to 10K€ annually)
(up to 10K€ annually)
Certification of DTM to current standard
(not including test lab)
1K€ 100%100%100% (first DTM only annually)0%0%


1.) Mandatory for FITS product development

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