As the industrial automation landscape continues to evolve, we know that companies need to make strategic decisions about where to invest.

When you become a member of FDT Group you gain access to the only open technology standard harmonizing industrial device management with IT/OT data-driven operations for lifecycle optimization across process, hybrid, and discrete applications.

Users, vendors, service providers and educational institutions are invited to join the FDT Group, alongside other industry-leading companies, in providing innovative FDT-enabled products, solutions, and services. As a member of FDT Group, you can directly impact the direction of FDT technology through leadership positions, working groups, and marketing programs.

Membership Benefit Summary

Harmonized System Integration

  • FDT is the only comprehensive asset integration solution for the process, hybrid, and factory environments. It is globally adopted and internationally recognized as IEC 62453, ANSI/ISA103 and China GB/T 29618-2017.
  • Open standards give the flexibility to build the architecture you need without constraints of proprietary data models, vendor-specific software packages, and multiple network protocols.
  • Users and integrators may participate in the FDT Pilot Program. The program provides access to FDT Demo and prototype solutions for lab testing, feedback, and access to FDT experts, members, and other end users.

Technology and Development

  • Members are licensed to develop FDT-enabled products based off the FDT standard. Access free evaluation software for all developer tools along with discounts to the full licensed versions and DTM certification for members at certain levels.
  • Gain faster time to market and maximize your R&D resources by leveraging FDT developer tools and support for members. These resources ensure common development components are followed, which reduces development time, cost, and ensures specification compliance resulting in plug and play interoperability.
  • Extend your product line reach by investing in FDT-enabled products for core, non-core, and acquisition portfolios enabling your entire system to share common attributes.

Business Strategy

  • Work alongside industry leaders to influence and drive the future of FDT technology through a position with the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and / or Working Groups. FDT Group is a true global member-driven community and welcomes its members to actively participate.
  • Be part of the FDT community where vendors, users, service providers, and other collaborative organizations come together to solve industry problems.
  • Increase your visibility and industry reach through co-marketing and branding. Amplify your support for open standards jointly with FDT Group through initiatives such as trade shows, demonstrations, pilot projects, webinars, promotional programs, newsletters, and more.