Designed for the Modern Industrial Infrastructure

FDT is the only open, scalable, secure, and interoperable architecture for the modern industrial enterprise. The technology provides a vendor-neutral software interface for integrating assets and delivering access to device intelligence for end-users with process, factory (discrete) and hybrid operations. In these diverse markets, with unique operational requirements, the technology enables a common environment for utilizing smart devices’ most sophisticated features.

Process Automation

FDT meets process industry requirements for advanced control, monitoring and innovative simulation. This includes continuous or batch mixing, reaction and separation of materials to produce other materials of higher value.

Factory Automation

FDT meets factory (discrete) automation requirements, including the use of a DCS and PLCs to operate and control motors, conveyors, robots, inspection systems, and similar devices that work together to complete the manufacturing process.

Hybrid Automation

FDT meets the needs of various hybrid applications, which combine elements of discrete, batch and continuous process control and typically require a process control system that can deliver both PLC and DCS capabilities.