FDT Real-Time Supplement – October 2023 Issue | Unifying Control Systems

October 24, 2023

In This Issue:

FDT/DTM (IEC 62453) focuses on eliminating intelligent device management barriers to enable data harmonization and access enterprise-wide for the process, hybrid, and discrete markets. This issue emphasizes industry’s ‘opportunity for innovation’, allowing manufacturing to thrive by unifying control systems across market domains.

  • Editorial: Unifying Control Systems for Industrial Automation Markets – Steve Biegacki
  • Tech Focus: Can FDT/DTM Technology Work in Factory Automation and Hybrid Applications?
  • FDT News: Andre Uhl announced as new FDT Chairman and & New Certified DTMs
  • FDT Product: Harmonizing Cross-Platform Access With Legacy DTMs – M&M Software
  • FDT Product: The ‘Full Version’ DTM Collection is Now Free for Everyone – VEGA
  • FDT Product: Improve Operations with DTMs to Gain Access to Plant-Floor Data – Rockwell Automation
  • FDT Product: Innovative Field Device Management Solution – Schneider Electric
  • FDT Product: Yokogawa Adds New Functions to Oprex Field Instruments – Yokogawa
  • Service Provider: M&M Software Video
  • Service Provider: CodeWrights Video
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FDT Real-Time Supplement – June 2023 Issue | Harmonization

May 30, 2023

In This Issue:

  • Editorial: Let’s Harmonize Intelligent Device Management
  • Tech Focus: Unified Environment for Control System Integration
  • FDT Service: Meet M&M Software’s Full Stack Now Supporting FDT UE – M&M Software
  • FDT Product: A More Reliable Level Measurement for Industry 4.0 – VEGA
  • FDT Product: New FLEXHA 5000 Modern I/O Platform Brings Flexibility and Reliability to Process Systems – Rockwell Automation
  • FDT Product: Altivar Soft Starter ATS480 Integrated Digitally for Easy Engineering, Selection and Downtime Reduction – Schneider Electric
  • Video: Harmonizing Industrial Device Management – Steve Biegacki
  • Video: FDT Enables Asset Management SoftwareSuriya Selvarja
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FDT Real-Time Supplement – February 2023 Issue | Predictive Maintenance

February 22, 2023

In This Issue:

  • Editorial: Editorial: Data Harmonization on Course for the FDT Unified Environment
  • Tech Focus: Accelerate Your Reliability-Centered Maintenance Strategy
  • FDT Case Study: MOL Group Refinery Uses Asset Management Tools to Improve Plant Performance
  • FDT Product Case Study: Yokogawa Adds New Functions to Oprex Field Instruments
  • Video: Transformation by FDT 3.0
  • Press Release: PACTware 6.1 Now Supports FDT3 and Expands Device Integration Model
  • Interview: Steve Biegacki and Holger Sack talk about universal device management with PACTware 6.1
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