Robust Certification Process

The FDT/DTM certification process is divided into three main phases: the test setup, the certification test and the test completion. Once an FDT-accredited test site determines that an FDT/DTM has “passing results,” it notifies the FDT Group certification office. The FDT/DTM then receives the official FDT Certified logo acknowledging specification compliance.  All FDT 3.0 (FDT UE) DTMs are then uploaded to the FDThub and readily available to the customer.

For more information on testing and certification of FDT/DTMs, and to obtain the official FDT Group document “Obtaining Certificates for DTMs,” please contact the FDT Certification Office.

NOTE: A standard certification for FDT 2.x DTMs and FDT 3.0 DTMs are restricted to using DTM Common Components.