Benefits Across the Industrial Automation Market

FDT Group is supporting the transformation journey into the Fourth Industrial Revolution with the emerging FDT 3.x standard and IIoT and Industry 4.0 applications. FDT UE-based solutions, including Servers and DTMs, will meet the demands of rapidly advancing smart plants and factories by enabling the highest levels of universal device integration and asset management.

  • Supports a collaborative platform enabling robust networking integration
  • Allows for seamless integration mapping for connecting intelligent assets
  • Enables device-specific diagnostic data to be relayed across the enterprise
  • Utilizes mobility apps to increase the productivity of plant personnel
  • Ensures greater confidence through built-in security

Empowering End Users

FDT Group’s foundational goal was to address interoperability issues for automation end-users by empowering them with open access to device intelligence with the freedom to choose systems/devices that best fit their application, and seamlessly connect and communicate independent of the chosen vendor or network. Today, FDT technology has evolved to keep pace with the latest trends in smart manufacturing.

Supporting System Suppliers

Control system suppliers can implement the well-established FDT standard they are familiar with and expand their portfolio offerings to meet the requirements for next generation applications. A modernized integration development environment allows suppliers to jump-start development of FDT-based universal solutions meeting market demands.

Enabling Device Developers

FDT provides a forward-looking solution for developers of advanced field instrumentation equipment with the promise of significant business benefits derived from support for the new era of industrial automation.