VEGA Expands Radar Portfolio for Factory Automation

May 16, 2024

VEGAPULS 42 brings VEGA’s decades of radar experience to factory automation. The sensor meets the industry’s unique requirements for levels in small tanks or clocked filling processes. It is equipped with everything hygiene-sensitive processes need—its switching frequency enables high cycle rates and correspondingly fast level changes. Its flexible connection options range from standard threads to the universal connection for its 1-inch hygienic adapter. It is immediately ready for operation and communication with IO-Link in the 3-wire version when delivered.

Radar, as a non-contact measuring principle, offers significant advantages in clocked processes in the food and pharmaceutical industries, such as filling. These advantages, which other measuring solutions cannot provide, are crucial. In an era where reliable measured values are essential to efficient plant operation and optimal process control, the need for such a solution is paramount.

VEGAPULS 42 is not just a powerful sensor but also a user-friendly solution. It communicates universally with IO-Link and can easily connect via a simple 3-wire connection, ensuring quick and cost-effective installation. Sensor replacement is automated with the new Smart Sensor Profile 2, and adjustment is a breeze with PACTware (FDT) & VEGA DTMs or the VEGA Tools app on a smartphone with Bluetooth.

With VEGAPULS 42, an illuminated ring that changes color allows the sensor to be viewed from all directions and even from a distance. This configuration gives you immediate certainty about the sensor’s current condition and another way to check the process status.

With over 60 years of user partnerships in process automation, VEGA has built extensive know-how for solving the most demanding measurement tasks. Transferring this knowledge to factory automation offers customers a comprehensive range of compact level and pressure sensors with IO-Link.
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