Modernize and Simplify Automation Product Development

FDT Group strongly supports developers in delivering the next generation of automation products. As such, it has established a set of platform-independent tools saving countless engineering hours when creating FDT UE-enabled solutions. These tools ensure specification compliance, greatly enhance interoperability, and work together to ease developer efforts in delivering robust, FDT-compliant solutions while accelerating time to market.

FDT UE - Server Common Component

FDT UE – Server Common Component is a .NET Core SDK for development of servers (with OPC UA server interface and Web server interface) deployable on Microsoft-, Linux- and MacOS- based operating systems.

FDT UE - DTM Common Component

FDT UE – DTM Common Component supports the development of an intelligent device and communication DTMs while assuring compliance with the FDT 3 standard.


FDT UE – dtmINSPECTOR 5 includes test cases to determine compliance with the FDT specification, Common Component and style guide to maximize interoperability.

FDT UE - Desktop Common Component

FDT UE – Desktop Common Component is a library to simplify development of FDT applications, providing an open, integrated access point to networks and installed assets.