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The FDT Group partners with several leading service providers that offer a wide range of assistance for companies interested in FDT®-enabled product development. These companies are active members of the FDT Group who stay up-to-date on the latest developments and trends.

Service ProvidersService providers offer training and workshops to teach customers everything they need to know about FDT. They can advise about system and device integration, and help suppliers future-proof their system and device management strategy. These specialists employ state-of-the-art solutions and methodologies utilizing FDT as a single integration platform for the new era of automation allowing FDI to link within an FDT environment, OPC UA sensor to cloud integration, and mobility options, for smart automation optimization.

Those looking to deploy a full-blown FDT/FRAME and/or FDT/DTM can utilize available turnkey development services to get the fastest, most reliable and standard-conformant implementation of FDT for third-party components along with their own devices. Additionally, many of these firms serve as official test laboratories for the FDT Group and can help customers prepare their DTMs for trouble-free certification.

Service Providers

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Thorsis Technologies is a member of the FDT Group.
M&M Software
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