FDT Real-Time Supplement – December 2023 Issue | Open to Innovation

December 15, 2023

In This Issue:

In our fast-paced and busy world, finding harmony is a journey. Although harmony can be challenging to achieve, working harmony will innovate.

In this issue, read how FDT/DTMs harmonize the data wave in heterogeneous environments for control applications, opening the door to modernization.

It’s the season of harmony! Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We look forward to 2024!

  • Editorial: DTM is the Heart and Soul of Intelligent Device Management – Steve Biegacki
  • Tech Focus: DTM Opens HART to Modernization
  • FDT / VEGA Interview: What FDT/DTM Technology Means to VEGA, Sensor and the Industry – John Groom, CEO and President of VEGA Americas
  • FDT / M&M Software Interview: “FDT/DTM technology is a universal bridge that connects any device management scenario to any device under any fieldbus/protocol from any vendor.” Pingsheng Xu – Development Group Manager, M&M Software
  • FDT Product: DTM – Innovative Field Device Management – Schneider Electric
  • FDT Product: Configure with FDT/DTM – Omron
  • FDT Video: Paul Brooks – Rockwell Automation – Senior Manager, Technology and Innovation Group
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FDT Real-Time Supplement – February 2023 Issue | Predictive Maintenance

February 22, 2023

In This Issue:

  • Editorial: Editorial: Data Harmonization on Course for the FDT Unified Environment
  • Tech Focus: Accelerate Your Reliability-Centered Maintenance Strategy
  • FDT Case Study: MOL Group Refinery Uses Asset Management Tools to Improve Plant Performance
  • FDT Product Case Study: Yokogawa Adds New Functions to Oprex Field Instruments
  • Video: Transformation by FDT 3.0
  • Press Release: PACTware 6.1 Now Supports FDT3 and Expands Device Integration Model
  • Interview: Steve Biegacki and Holger Sack talk about universal device management with PACTware 6.1
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