Transforming Manufacturing Excellence

The goal of FDT Group is to drive continued developments in universal network/device integration and asset management, innovating the way automation architectures connect and communicate in process, hybrid and factory manufacturing, including motion applications. FDT’s open integration of control systems and instrumentation in multi-vendor, multi-network environments results in freedom of choice for technology investments, reduced integration costs and, most importantly, the advantages of continuous innovation.

Dedicated to Enhanced Integration Strategies

Enabling seamless integration of automation system assets (current installed-based and new solutions), control applications and edge devices throughout the global industrial sector, as well as expanded access to critical operational data.

Focused On Advanced Automation Initiatives

Advancing the Fourth Industrial Revolution with IIoT server-based solutions supporting cloud-based enterprise data access, mobility apps and the use of augmented reality.

Committed to Today's "Connected World"

Implementing the FDT/OPC Unified Architecture (UA) information model to offer expanded connectivity of engineering, distributed control, asset management and other systems as part of IIoT and I4.0 applications in the modern connected world.