FDT IIoT Server (FITS™) – Simplifying the Industrial Automation Ecosystem Exchange

March 23, 2017

Summary of the FDT IIoT Server FITS™:

To empower the future of IIoT and Industrie 4.0, FDT Group has developed the FDT IIoT Server (FITS™), enabling mobility, cloud and fog enterprise applications, as well as sensor-to-cloud and enterprise-wide connectivity. The IIoT server employs FRAME™ and DTM™ business logic at the heart of its client-server architecture and can scale to suit the needs of a single manufacturing facility or an entire industrial enterprise.

FITS simplifies the move to IIoT, combining OPC UA integration, web services and rich control network interoperability to optimize connectivity and information exchange for the next generation of automation. It features robust layered security addressing all components of the server architecture.

FITS protects legacy investments in FDT through advanced business logic, well-defined interfaces and common components, and provides for operating system agnostic implementation of the technology while supporting the current integrated architecture.

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