Touchable User Interfaces With FDT2 Generic HART® DTM

October 31, 2017

The new Generic HART DTM Release 8.0 is among the first available FDT2 device DTMs that supports all HART protocol versions up to version 7.5. Once launched, the DTM automatically recognizes the protocol version of each connected device and automatically configures itself to provide compatibility.

Before year-end be on the outlook for Release 8.1. This version of the FDT2 Generic HART DTM will be the first designed for safe interaction on tablets, notebooks or video walls that provide touch devices. User interface data and buttons are presented according to the VDI 3850 standard, supporting virtual keyboard and provide responsive design in case of limited screens. Refer to the FDT Group best practice document for information about constructing touchable user interfaces.

The latest generic HART DTM version may be used in combination with any FDT2 FRAME-enabled system (DCS, Asset Management Application) or device management tool such as PACTware 5.0 or fdtContainer4 to simplify commissioning and calibration of any HART device. Additional maintenance data reporting is captured, collected and stored by the DTM, including user and change log information in document form for a specific device in a plant unit of a certain customer.

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