FDT Real-Time Supplement – March 2024 Issue | Fragmentation to Unity

March 5, 2024

In This Issue:

From overcoming integration hurdles to maximizing operational efficiency, this newsletter focuses on the pivotal role FDT/DTM technology enables in resolving intelligent device management challenges in control system applications across market domains, shaping the future of industrial innovation.

  • Editorial: FDT/DTM Technology’s Role in Configuration – Steve Biegacki
  • Tech Focus: FDT/DTM’s Flexibility in Integrating Hybrid Applications with EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP Protocols
  • FDT / Utthunga Interview: Interview with Utthunga (FDT Service Provider) focuses on how they help system and device vendors solve device integration challenges using FDT/DTM.
  • FDT Product: New Compact5000 Analog HART DTM-enabled I/O – Rockwell Automation
  • FDT Product: Yokogawa Adds New Functions to Oprex Field Instruments – Yokogawa
  • Survey Results: Automation Community Seeks Industrial Control System Harmonization
  • Press Release: FDT Group Certifies First FDT 3.0 DTM From Flowserve Corporation
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