Mobile FieldMate for Field Device Management

February 2, 2021

The major factor driving the growth of this Field Device Management market is the notable change from conventional technology to automated technologies with enhanced mobility support. Due to digitalization and deployment of Industry 4.0 and IOT has opened a tremendous opportunity for the Field Device Management for reducing operating and maintenance costs.

Digital communications standards are playing an increasingly important role in communications between plant central control systems and field devices. With a number of digital communication standards in use today, plants often have devices from multiple vendors that use different standards. Software tools are thus required that have the versatility to configure, adjust, and manage these devices.

With its support of a variety of digital communication standards and its ability to configure, adjust, and manage a variety of devices from different manufacturers, FieldMate is up to this challenge. With this recent update, FieldMate has become even easier to use and improves the efficiency of field device management

FieldMate 3.X is a PC/Tablet based configuration tool that performs numerous tasks, including initial setup, daily maintenance, troubleshooting, and configuration backup for device replacement. These tasks are streamlined by FieldMate’s intuitive operation and integrated environment, which is independent from communication protocols and device vendors.

FieldMate incorporates the open FDT technology standard and is compliant with FDT/DTMs that use either the FDT 1.2 or 2.0 standards. Additionally, the tool supports built-in DTM interpreting of existing Device Descriptions (DD) instantaneously for those devices that do not have DTMs. The FDT/FRAME application is an integral part of FieldMate. Many DTMs are included with the FieldMate tool, and third party DTMs are available from most field device vendors. FDT/FRAME-enabled applications standardize the communication and configuration interface between all field devices and host systems. FDT/DTMs (Device Type Manager) provide the software application defining the Graphical User Interface (GUI).

FieldMate R3.03 efficiently and speedily supports calibration work in combination with Pressure Calibrator CA700.

In smaller installations, FieldMate can be used as a low-cost Plant Asset Management system. It lets operators store all associated documentation and calibration records for that instrument in one location. Data can also be transferred to a remote storage device for back up or to allow multiple users access to the information.

The intuitive, easy-to-use interface lets users jump-start device management maintenance efforts directly from the start-up screen. FieldMate automatically scans the bus and lists the devices found and provides their status and basic device parameters. From there, users can navigate to device details such as diagnostics, configuration parameters, maintenance information, etc. An audit trail function is one of many standard features. Additional features include the ability to do standard tasks right from the front interface such as all parameter download/comparison functions/work reports, zero adjust parameters, input loop check support and perform zero adjustments. The ability to show notes or generate a note on that particular instrument for future reference including pictures is also granted.

FieldMate is the handy tool of choice to support the easy maintenance patrol activity in your entire facility. It facilitates the accurate update of information in the Plant Asset Management system for ease of operations and maintenance. Additionally, FieldMate supports linking additional user information about the device condition or installation environment such as photo’s, movies, audio, memo’s etc., to each device. FieldMate synchronizes seamlessly with Yokogawa’s PRM (Plant Resource Manager) tool to provide a clear path to asset excellence.

Easy Connection and Operation

FieldMate enables instant device recognition upon connection and quicker device configuration. To set a function used most frequently to the top screen and to increase productivity of work with easy operation.

Device parameter can be exported by text, HTML, Excel format, and customized format by Word or Excel.

Calibration Support

The dedicated screen is prepared for the new 4-Wire Converter FLXA402 and the SENCOM™ Smart adapter SA11.

Supports calibration work in combination with Pressure Calibrator CA700.


By the graphical interface, calibration work can be performed with monitoring the input pressure.


Easy, Useful Memo & Image Display Function

Displaying the message and precaution for the maintenance work together with memo or image is useful for preventing the generation of errors in the maintenance work.

History Function

Saving the operation log and performing the filter and full-text searching function for maintenance and troubleshooting.

FieldMate conforming to FDT2 Standards

FDT1.x and FDT2 DTMs can be worked on the FieldMate, and the latest device DTMs which are enhanced functionalities are available.

Device Interface Function

Displays the current status of the field device including errors, warnings and good status. Device Viewer.

Configuration Function

Device parameters can be easily configured.

Parameter Manager: FOUNDATION fieldbus H1, HART

The Parameter Manager is a simple parameter viewing window, in which adjustment and field device replacement can easily be performed.

DD Menu: FOUNDATION fieldbus H1
The existing Fieldbus DD is utilized to enable function block configuration.

The DTM Works provides not only configuration, but easy setup, calibration, simulation wizards etc. as defined by the device vendors’ DTM.

Device Replacement Tool

It will make device maintenance and engineering work speedy especially when the existing transmitters need to be converted to HART EJA and EJX series. Plus, transmitter HART5 to HART7 conversion is also incorporated.

AXF Verification Tool (Optional)

This is provided as option applicable to Advance version. Without having to dismantle the HART AXF magnetic flow meter from process line, its healthiness can be verified, reported in printing and stored in device maintenance information in well assorted manner. (Displayed language is English only)

NAMUR  NE107 Field Diagnostics Function

Configuration and confirmation of device alarms conforming to NE107 Field Diagnostics can be implemented intuitively on the graphical display.

FieldMate Validator (Optional)

This function is an option for N-IO (I/O module) of Yokogawa CENTUM VP and ProSafe-RS. Validation of connection between I/O module and the field devices is possible by the FieldMate Validator without FCS/SCS. The I/O module configuration and input/output validation are also possible without FCS/SCS.

PRM Synchronization

Synchronize information between FieldMate and PRM to make best use of PRM as a master database. Bi-directional file transfer operation is supported.

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