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August 22, 2021

M&M Software is a technology and consulting company for industrial software and belongs to the co-founders of the FDT technology. Due to its services and products, M&M is established as a technology leader in the FDT area and participates in key working groups of FDT Group.

As a specialist for technical industrial solutions, M&M acts as a system partner for its customers and supports them in the planning, realization, and operation of (digital) business models. Therefore, M&M is characterized by the holistic integration of system solutions from the sensor to the Cloud. Software applications from M&M are created based on certified know-how in the relevant technologies and the associated tools. For the realization, M&M consistently relies on the use of state-of-the-art software technologies.

FDT Services


M&M Software provides professional and comprehensive consulting on the topic of device integration and helps to find a customized and future-proof device management strategy. This strategy also takes the latest technology innovations and trends, such FDT 3.0 (FITS), FDI and EDDL, web-based parametrization, Edge computing, etc. into account.

FDT Desktop Integration

M&M assists in the integration of the official FDT DESKTOP Common Component (fdtCONTAINER) for desktop applications into existing host systems. Test-drive the current FDT DESKTOP application here:

FDT Server Integration

M&M offers integration support to add the official FDT Server Common Component into existing systems. This also includes extending the FDT Server by adding individual features that make software solutions unique and ready for a new era of automation.

DTM Development

M&M develops DTMs, including FDT 3.0 DTMs that are accessible on web/mobile, for field devices and communication components quickly and efficiently based on our development platform dtmMANAGER. We also convert DD / FDI packages to a DTM (basicDTM).

Development Tools

M&M offers FDT specific development tools, which allow customers to fully concentrate on the essentials – their own software solution. Using dtmMANAGER reduces the complexity of developing a DTM to a minimum. The fdtCONTAINER is the reliable and future-proof basic framework of every FDT Desktop application.

DTM Test & Certification

M&M is an official FDT Accredited Test Site for all your DTM testing needs. As the developer of the official toolset for testing, we assist you in preparing your DTMs for the testing procedure to avoid any conformance issues.

As one of the official FDT Accredited Test Sites M&M performs testing and certification of DTMs. In addition, we assist in preparing DTMs for testing. This avoids potential problems and delays.

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