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August 27, 2020

Field devices can pose an information management problem, especially when there are devices from different vendors, with different underlying technologies and on different networks.

End users are demanding an interoperable device integration model that can comprehensively describe and manage automation components. The FDT standard provides a single path to managing the information flood from intelligent devices across different networks to the applications and ultimately the people that need it. It offers standardization, transparency, and reduced cost.

The numerous benefits offered by FDT makes it a must-have solution for simplifying management of processes. Businesses no longer have to worry about the intricacies and logistics of device communications and can instead invest their time and attention on making the best use of their applications for more informed decision-making, both on the plant floor and top floor.

Why Choose Utthunga for Device Integration Solutions?

At Utthunga, we understand the challenges that end users, control system manufacturers, and device manufacturers face and we offer thorough device integration services that cover all the aspects of device integration, configuration, and engineering.

Utthunga provides complete services to take advantage of the FDT/DTM technology to enable devices to interoperate with FDT-enabled host systems that allows easy access from other applications.

  • DTMs can be designed and developed independent of the FDT host supplier
  • Safe and secure access to stored data or to the devices via FDT/DTM interoperability services supported by the FDT Server
  • Information mapping and encoding on a variety of communication protocols (HART, FF, PROFIBUS, PROFINET etc.) to ensure data portability and efficiency
  • Robust and secure communication between devices to prevent unauthorized data access

Some of the major benefits OEMs and end users can leverage from Utthunga’s FDT/DTM solutions:

  • Brings together EDDL and FDT/DTM technologies
  • Acts as a uniform device integration solution for process industries
  • Offer a common set of SDK development tools
  • Reduces device development costs
  • Offers transparency and standardization

Utthunga’s Device Integration Services

FDT/DTM device integration technologies enable consistent commissioning, configuration, and maintenance of field devices. In spite of having an overlap in their functionalities, vendors are recommended to invest in FDT/DTM technologies to achieve a wide range of interoperability to support various FDT/DD host systems.

As your FDT technology partner Utthunga’s service portfolio covers comprehensive consulting, software development support for field devices and communication components and assists you with future maintenance requirements. Our robust and cost-effective in-house FDT/DTM conversion tool, uFDI-DTM and uDD-DTM, takes an DD Device Package as input and converts into an FDT 1.2/2.0 Device DTM.

Our Services Include:

  • FDT consultation and advisory
  • FDT interoperability services
  • FDT 1.2/2.0 to FDT 3.0 (FITS) migration
  • FDT Host framework development
  • FDT Host integration with OPC UA devices
  • Automation test framework for FDT components
  • FDT/DTM development and certification
  • FDT 3.0 (FITS) based mobile app development
  • Asset health monitoring application development

About Utthunga

Utthunga is a product engineering and industrial solutions company providing end-to-end product engineering, application software development, hardware & firmware applications, IIoT applications, IT-OT integration, field device integration, industrial communications, and testing services to global industrial OEMs and manufacturers. For over 13 years, we have partnered in the digital transformation journeys of our customers to co-create products and services delivering clear ROI.

For more details on our FDT solutions and services, please visit our website www.utthunga.com or email us [email protected].

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