Schneider Electric Multi-Tiered Pressure Transmitter Line

January 10, 2019

Schneider Electric is pleased to announce the launch of the multi-tiered pressure transmitters line, to allow customers to optimize their investments without compromise of quality and capitalize on investments.

With Schneider Electric multi-tiered pressure transmitters line, you select the perfect fit for your application with TÜV SIL2 Safety certification as standard.

In a spirit of innovation, Schneider Electric invented FoxCal™ dynamic technology including 11 calibration curves in one transmitter. FoxCal technology allows the pressure to transition automatically to the best calibration curve based on the transmitter input. Accuracy has been improved to the best level on the market with an accuracy expressed as a percent of reading.

The complete line of pressure transmitters includes:

  • Premium Performance Transmitters are ideal for challenges as differential head measurement for wide-ranging flows or demanding applications requiring a high level of accuracy and high stability.
  • Advanced Performance Transmitters and their wide accuracy help to standardize on one pressure transmitter eliminating erroneous sensor selection, reducing inventory and allowing fast replacement with less downtime.
  • Value Performance Transmitters offer robustness, experience and safety to guarantee precise and reliable measurements, with a traditional static calibration approach.

To guarantee an easy integration in your system, Schneider Electric pressure transmitters and associated registered DTM files have been tested in dedicated interoperability laboratories.

To enhance maintenance startup, embedded diagnostics have been improved with the latest communication protocol versions. In addition, as a key parameter for predictive maintenance, two time-clocks have been integrated to keep track of the number of days the transmitter has been in service in the field.

Download HART DTM

Download Foundation Fieldbus DTM

For detailed specifications, click here.

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