Remote Instrument Verification: Check the Pulse of Your Assets Everywhere

November 7, 2022

To minimize process interruption times, Endress+Hauser developed Heartbeat Technology several years ago. Heartbeat Verification uses the self-monitoring capabilities of a field device to verify the meter functionality. This means that the components of the meter are verified to meet factory specifications. If a device passes a Heartbeat Verification, then it is very likely to perform as expected. That’s why such a device would, with a very high degree of probability, also be calibrated successfully.

Numerous customers benefit from Heartbeat Verification in more than one way – by optimizing the calibration process and even prolonging calibration intervals. The solution now manages Heartbeat Verifications remotely in our IIoT ecosystem Netilion. This means that – wherever you are – you can trigger instrument verifications remotely.

Remote Heartbeat Verification gives you more flexibility to check the function of your assets in a more modern and efficient way, saving time and costs for carrying out verifications or calibrations the conventional way. And on top of that, you also ensure compliance with the rules defined in your industry while reducing safety risks – triggering device verification does not require entering hazardous areas.

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