Only 3 Steps to get Device Access – Great!

October 21, 2019

Everybody is talking about cloud business, web applications and Industry 4.0. Well – we do that as well. But is that really what is of interest for you NOW?

Isn’t the situation like this:
There are running plants out there which need to be maintained.
There is still too much effort involved for exchanging devices.



This often results in

  • searching for device drivers
  • asking for EDDs or FDI device packages
  • download from different providers etc.

That is time consuming and prevents you from doing your job in an effective way. Isn’t your current need to configure, monitor or troubleshoot devices?

If your answer is YES, check this out:

  • download iDTM-EDD (End User)
  • install ONE driver
  • access 1400+ HART devices and 700+ Foundation Fieldbus devices
  • save time and money by using iDTM

In a linked world of things, CodeWrights bridges technologies and transforms data to information – for the people.

CodeWrights supports you during the complete lifecycle of your devices covering all your needs (planning, specification, design, implementation, test, registration / certification) – doing so with broad experience, in-depth industry knowledge, high creativity and full discretion.

Facts & Figures: 
15+ years of experienceFounded 2002
7 membershipsIn technology organizations
50+ partnersCustomers around the globe, long
term partnerships
3000+ successfully integratedDevice types – via FDT/DTM, EDDL,
FDI and iDTM

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