One-Stop-Shop FDT IIoT Platform Integration

May 8, 2020

M&M Software is an active member of the FDT Group and an FDT Solution Provider offering FDT-related consulting and development assistance to bring innovation to your products. Our area of expertise focused on the Industrial IoT, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and FDT will help you achieve IIoT-ready modernized business strategies based on the FDT IIoT Server™ (FITS™) solution today. Look no further if you need a DTM, the latest version of FDT integrated in your software application(s) or advice and training to prepare you and your products for the future of automation.


FRAME Integration – M&M assists you with the integration of the official FRAME Common Component (fdtCONTAINER) for desktop applications, which supports FDT 1.x & 2.x, in your host system. Test-drive the current FDT 2.1 FRAME application here:

FDT IIoT Server Integration – M&M offers integration support to add an FDT Server (FDT 3.0) to your system. This also includes extending the FDT Server by adding custom features that make your software solution ready for a new era of automation.

DTM Development – M&M develops DTMs, including FDT 3.0 DTMs that are accessible on web/mobile, for field devices and communication components quickly and efficiently based on our development platform dtmMANAGER. We can also convert DD/FDI packages to a DTM (basicDTM) for you.

DTM Test & Certification – M&M is an official FDT Accredited Test Site for all your device DTM testing needs. As the developer of the official toolset for testing, we can assist you in preparing your DTMs for the testing procedure to avoid any conformance issues.

Consulting – M&M helps you find your very own and future-proof device management strategy, which also takes latest technology innovations and trends, such FDT 3.0 (FITS), FDI and EDDL, into account.

For more information about M&M Software’s FDT products and services, please visit:

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