New FLEXHA 5000 Modern I/O Platform Brings Flexibility and Reliability to Process Systems

May 1, 2023

The demands of today’s fast paced industrial automation environment require a flexible and scalable solution that meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. The newest member of the Rockwell Automation FLEX I/O family, the FLEXHA 5000 I/O platform was engineered to meet the Process industry’s evolving needs.

Expand PlantPAx’s distributed and scalable architecture with the flexibility of Universal I/O, next generation High Availability, and Rockwell Automation’s heritage of openness, connecting Hart-enabled process sensors and actuators through an FDT-enabled platform.

The FLEXHA 5000 I/O’s Universal I/O capabilities provide the ultimate I/O configuration flexibility. Whether you need analog or digital signals, you get reliability on each channel with fault detection and redundant switchover, which allows you to put focus back on making your products, because you’ve improved your system up time and reduced engineering efforts for commissioning and maintenance.

Universal I/O with Configuration

Meet your process information needs with the FLEXHA 5000 I/O. Build this I/O into the truly redundant PlantPAx architecture for maximum process uptime. Reduce system engineering efforts and respond to varying operating conditions with industry-leading HART diagnostics.

For more information on HART integration with PlantPAx or the FLEXHA 5000 I/O capabilities, visit the webpage here.

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