New Compact5000 Analog HART DTM-enabled I/O

February 29, 2024

With customers needing to make smarter decisions in a competitive marketplace, and with increasing quantities of information that originate on the plant floor, remote access to real-time data and plant performance metrics is more important than ever.

In 2024, Rockwell Automation will continue to invest in FDT/DTM-enabled hardware with its release of Compact5000 Analog HART DTM-enabled I/O.  Now customers can realize the value of real-time data regardless of the scalable Logix platform that is chosen, ControlLogix or CompactLogix.

Rockwell Automation is committed to providing intelligent device management across the automation architecture. A leading standardized (IEC 62453) method used for streamlining device lifecycle management (integration, configuration, monitoring) with advanced diagnostics according to NE 107 (NAMUR) recommendation is DTM-enabled I/O. The DTM is an embedded software (device, gateway, and comm levels) solution that standardizes the communication path and access to all connected devices/data over any network topology in the automation infrastructure. The solution supports a major automation use case aimed at providing a unified user environment optimizing operations and maintenance performance for effective asset management.

Rockwell’s FDT-enabled Architecture approach using nested communication allowing seamless integration for intelligent device management

To learn more about using DTMs to gain an integrated approach to field device management, please consider the following resources:

The FactoryTalk Linx CommDTM Getting Results Guide will guide you through the set-up of the communication path between your field devices connected to Allen-Bradley I/O and an FDT asset management system.

To download the latest FactoryTalk Linx CommDTM and the Gateway DTM for your Allen-Bradley I/O platform, please visit our Product Compatibility and Download Center (PCDC) click on “Find downloads” and search for “DTM”.

To engage with experts from Rockwell Automation and our technology partners, please attend the annual Process Solutions Users Group at Automation Fair in Anaheim, CA USA on November 18-21, 2024. In addition to the full Rockwell Automation portfolio including, FactoryTalk Software, Allen-Bradley Hardware, PlantPAx Distributed Control Systems, and Lifecycle IQ Services, you will be able to talk to device and infrastructure providers to discover how their products (communication interfaces, cables, and safety barriers) create an opportunity to capture additional value by using device data to enhance decision making.

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