M&M Software Gets You Ready for FDT 2.1 and FITS

January 10, 2019

M&M Software is working actively with the FDT Group to bring innovation to your products. Our experience with industrial IoT and FDT will help you get your FDT IIoT Server™ (FITS™)-strategy ready today. Look no further if you need a DTM, the latest version of FDT integrated in your existing software application(s) or advice and training to prepare you and your products for the future of automation.

Consulting – M&M helps you find your very own and future-proof device management strategy, which also considers latest technology innovations and trends, such FDT (1.2.x/2.x) and FITS.

DTM Development – M&M develops fast and resource-efficient DTMs that are based on their own products dtmMANAGER and basicDTM, for your field devices and communication components.

DTM Test & Certification – as one of the official test laboratories of the FDT Group, M&M carries out testing and certification of your DTM for you. M&M Software also helps you to prepare your DTMs for the testing procedure to avoid any possible problems.

FDT/FRAME™ Integration – M&M assists you with the integration of the official FRAME™ Common Component, fdtCONTAINER, which supports FDT 2.1, in your system. Check out our FDT 2.1 FRAME application demo: https://mm-software.com/en/download_form

For more information about M&M Software’s FDT products and services, please visit: https://mm-software.com

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