Meet M&M Software’s Full Stack Now Supporting FDT UE

May 3, 2023

As one of the earliest service partners of the FDT Group, M&M Software has continuously updated its FDT product and development line contributing interoperability and harmonized device management success for industry customers worldwide.

M&M Software now offers full-stack development solutions supporting the latest FDT 3.0 standard for enterprise-wide integration via the Unified Environment (UE). The updated developer tools enable modern point-to-point configuration environments along with embedded system solutions for distributed control and web-based device DTM solutions.

Meet the M&M Software development ecosystem:

The fdtCONTAINER component (aka. Desktop Common Component) v4.0 supports FDT 3.0 DTMs and interoperability with FDT 1.2.x and FDT 2.x DTMs. Desktop/Frame applications based on version 3.x (even v2.x) can migrate to FDT3 easily with the help of the Migration Guide document.

OEM fdtCONTAINER is also FDT3-ready. Your custom branded FDT UE Desktop solution could be ready within a few weeks. Customers with valid licenses can get the new FDT UE version freely. Just contact us.

OEM fdtCONTAINER can be extended to support custom features with a new Plugin infrastructure. Imagine customizing your OEM solution with differentiating value-added features: synchronize topology from your DCS, project template, SCADA like topology view, batch device operations, etc…you’re only limited by your imagination.

dtmMANAGER v4.0 comes with a new tool chain including a wizard to generate DTM source code solutions, an auto deployment tool, DTM packing and signing tool, as well as the common controls for the new DTM Web UI.

Need to manipulate FDT 1.2.x and FDT 2.x DTMs together with FDT 3.0 DTMs in a cross-platform FDT UE host? Interested in the new features of FDT UE but lacking FDT 3.0 DTMs? M&M Software can tackle your interoperability challenges…we have a solution for you!

We look forward to your inquiry!

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