Manage Configuration and Monitor Diagnostic Information

May 8, 2020

Rockwell Automation continues to improve plant operations with enhanced DTMs for HART I/O modules in the 1756 ControlLogix®, 1794 FLEX™ and 1718/1719 Ex I/O families.

Allen-Bradley by Rockwell Automation is a leading provider of HART I/O solutions and has renewed its commitment to provide access to HART device data with updated DTMs for four I/O platforms. The DTM enhancements provide users more visibility into the I/O platform performance, while enabling remote connectivity to HART field devices to manage configuration and monitor the diagnostic information according to NAMUR NE107.

Maintenance technicians can now use the FactoryTalk® Linx CommDTM and the new HART I/O module DTMs to remotely connect to various sub-networks across any size facility to extract field data. In addition to enabling remote interactions with field devices, configuration and usability is easier than ever before with added capabilities like auto discovery of the system architecture that speeds up configuration and limits addressing errors.

New I/O platforms include:

  • 1756 ControlLogix – Chassis-based I/O platform with a wide range of modules from high performance to process control
  • 1794 FLEX I/O – Distributed I/O platform offering flexibility, modularity and reliability for your application
  • 1718/1719 Ex I/O – Intrinsically safe distributed I/O platforms, designed for hazardous areas, that integrate devices via EtherNet/IP

The DTMs are available for download on the Rockwell Automation Download Center website using keyword “DTM.”

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