How Does the FITS™ Platform Add Value to Your Business Strategy?

July 25, 2019

The emerging FITS™ (FDT 3.0) standard will soon be released by FDT Group. Designed from the ground up with security at the core and operating system independence, its new flexible and scalable architecture will empower a universal device integration and information exchange platform for the process and discrete manufacturing industries.

Within the current FDT device integration solution, there are two major vendor communities involved. One is the system supplier and the second is device (device/gateway) supplier. However, FITS brings a new community, App suppliers.  This third community mainly focuses on use cases and challenges faced in the industry and offers fit-for-purpose FDT Apps based on the FITS standard to solve these specific challenges. Some examples include applications enabling mobile based condition monitoring applications, asset health monitoring applications, etc.

Utthunga is an industrial automation solution and service company specializing in the digital transformation journey for OEMs and manufacturing companies for the in process, factory, power and utility automation markets.  Focused on providing intelligent solutions for device integration (FDT, FDI and EDDL), connectivity, OPC, IT-OT integration, IIoT/Industrie 4.0 solutions, Utthunga is your FDT service solution stop.

FDT Development & Service Offerings:

  • Consultation on the emerging FDT IIoT Server™ (FITS) platform
  • Industrial gateway & web based DTM development for your field devices
  • FDT-based Apps for on-the-go asset management
  • FDT / OPC UA compliant solutions
  • Conversion tool offerings from DDs, FDI DPs to DTMs
  • DTM compliance testing

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