Improve Operations with Access to Plant-floor Data Using DTM Enhanced HART I/O Modules

August 19, 2021

Rockwell Automation, a leading provider of I/O solutions for smart devices, provides the ability to scale control and I/O solutions to match your application requirements. In today’s rapidly changing manufacturing environment, remote access to real-time data and plant performance metrics has never been more important, and it starts (all this information originates on the plant floor) in the field.

That is why we are committed to providing access to device data with updated DTMs for all existing I/O platforms. With DTM enhancements users can gain better visibility into the I/O platform performance, while enabling remote connectivity to information-rich field devices to manage configuration and monitor the diagnostic information according to the NE 107 recommendation from NAMUR, a global association of process automation end users.

The CompactLogix™ system is designed to provide industry specific sized applications, including small and mid-size applications. Accessing and connecting to field devices, like temperature sensors and valve actuators, across the enterprise is easier then ever before. The CompactLogix platform brings together the benefits of a common programming environment, common communication networks, and common control engine in a small footprint with high performance. 1769 Compact I/O™ is a highly reliable and flexible chassis-based I/O solution and can be used as local and distributed I/O for the CompactLogix™ family of controllers including those offering industry leading features for Process Automation, Safety and Information applications.

HART enabled I/O platforms are able to provide information that originates on the plant floor to both the real-time control and safety systems as well as the information-rich monitoring, analysis, and business systems.  Using this standardized device health information allow teams in the plant and across the enterprise to make informed decisions.

The FactoryTalk® Linx CommDTM Getting Results Guide will help you to set up the asset management system to guide you through the configuration.

To download the latest FactoryTalk® Linx Comm DTM and the 1769 Gateway DTM, please visit our Product Compatibility and Download Center (PCDC) click on “Find downloads” and search for “DTM”.

Product contribution provided by Rockwell Automation

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