Harmonizing Cross-Platform Access with Legacy DTMs: A Bridge from Legacy to the Future

September 27, 2023

Intelligent device management cross-platform functionality has become more and more popular for the industrial automation community, and the FDT (3.0) Unified Environment (FDT UE) provides the software-based Server solution based on Common Components to fulfill any vendors asset management requirements. As the industry scales to support modern technologies, the need to bridge the current install-base of FDT 1.2.x and 2.x device DTMs within a FDT Desktop application is imperative as the industry migrates to a standardized distributed control environment.

FDT has been the defacto integration and device management standard for multi-vendor and multi-protocol environments for over 20 years.  That means that there are tens of millions of FDT/DTMs deployed in critical production plants and facilities around the globe today.  As the industry accelerates its digital transformation journey, many vendors are asking for the most efficient path to preserve the legacy FDT/DTM installation withing the new modern FDT distributed server environment.  Does the process require development of both the FDT Server inclusive of cross-platform functionality and the FDT Desktop with backward compatibility?  Well, the best answer is that with the M&M fdtSERVER, you can harmonize both worlds!

The new M&M fdtSERVER allows system vendors to develop their cross-platform device management strategy that allows access to all FDT/DTM operations via Web API. This includes the operation of FDT 1.2.x and FDT 2.x DTM UI’s remotely through a web page, including new FDT 3.0 DTMs entering the market allowing for an efficient way to bridge legacy devices with the future.


Once there are enough FDT 3.0 web UI-based DTMs to support the legacy install base, the application no longer needs backward compatibility capabilities.  This means users can easily switch to the pure cross-platform edition of M&M fdtSERVER with compatible API removing the need of the Windows-based FDT Desktop computer in the field.  Plant managers and engineers will now be able to experience the modern FDT distributed control environment with OPC UA and web services using client/browser-based access for intelligent device management.

The M&M fdtSERVER supports all common FDT features including Device Catalog, FDT Topology, DTM UI, DTM Command Function and DTM Parameters (FDT 2.x/3.0 only).

Ask for a free trial version of the M&M fdtSERVER today!

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