Finally, More Space for the Important Things

July 9, 2018

We work continuously on making our key products narrower. Why? So that you can reduce the number of your marshalling and interface cabinets. The result: state-of-the-art components that take up less space. Thus, there is space for new solutions in your existing control cabinets, and reserve space is made available for future expansion.

Conventional analog and binary signals continue to be the most frequently used signal types in process engineering systems. This type of signal transmission is the easiest to handle and diagnose, however its classic parallel wiring requires the most space in the switch room.

Depending on the system, a few hundred to several thousand signals in the field need to be connected with individual wire pairs to the IO cards of the central control technology. The individual sensor or actuator cables are gathered in field connection boxes and routed to the central switch room via high-pos. master cables. Here, there are marshalling cabinets or routing frames in which these master cables with various signals are consistently connected. From here, the signals are cross-marshaled to the various IO cards of the DCS via signal type-dependent interface modules. The interface modules and the IO cards of the control technology are predominantly housed on separate cabinets or frames.

It soon becomes clear that a large number of points must be considered in depth for efficient signal marshalling. Compact marshalling concepts are of interest to system operators, planning offices, and control technology suppliers alike. Moreover, operators want to minimize the number of control cabinets required in order to reduce the size and costs of the entire switch room.

Your advantages:

  • Reduce marshalling costs by reducing the control cabinets by up to 20%
  • Project-specific planning and positioning support
  • Entire signal marshalling concept from a single source

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