FDT Group Welcomes Fuji Electric as a Corporate Member

December 3, 2020

Leading Japanese automation manufacturer to develop FDT 3.0-enabled flowmeters for the energy and environmental markets

FDT Group, an independent, international, not-for-profit industry association supporting the evolution of FDT Technology, today announced that Fuji Electric has joined its organization as a corporate member. Based in Tokyo, Japan, Fuji Electric develops measurement instrumentation supporting optimal control technologies for seamless integration and data exchange in semiconductor, dam, water purification, sewage treatment, power generation, and district heating and cooling applications.

FDT Group’s mission to drive continued developments in open, standardized universal network/device integration and asset management is innovating the way automation architectures connect and communicate in process, hybrid and discrete manufacturing, including motion control applications. FDT Group membership offers unique advantages for the entire industrial automation industry, including end users, suppliers/developers, service providers, universities, and individuals.

FDT corporate members are typically system or device suppliers actively pursuing innovative business model strategies empowered by FDT’s data-centric integration platform supporting modern and diverse architectures. The FDT Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Ecosystem consists of Servers, Desktops and Devices. This level of membership provides access to the new FDT 3.0 standard, discounts on the modern development tools and the ability to directly engage with technical and/or marketing working groups to help develop enhancements to the FDT standard, while allowing a first glance at the technology as it evolves to meet market demands.

FDT Group Managing Director Glenn Schulz welcomed Fuji Electric as his organization’s newest member. “Fuji Electric’s membership and interest in Device Type Manager (DTM) development based on the FDT 3.0 solution demonstrates FDT’s pivotal position and strength to meet industry-driven demands for open standards that deliver remote access and IT/OT integration,” Schulz said.
The FDT 3.0 standard, known as FITS™, recently launched along with the modernized development toolkits known as Common Components to provide automation industry manufacturers with the opportunity to jump-start development to meet evolving customer requirements.

Fuji Electric is a leader in easy and accurate flow measurement devices for the industrial markets. Kazuyuki Yamada, a member of the company’s Measuring Platform Development Group, stated, “By becoming an FDT member, we can enhance our ultrasonic flowmeters with an open and robust integration solution empowering the open exchange of data between automation systems that is essential for our end users. Fuji Electric is dedicated to enhancing integration strategies by offering smart device management solutions meeting the growing demand for seamless integration and improved asset management for critical devices.”

About Fuji Electric
Fuji Electric’s corporate philosophy hinges on a mission to contribute to prosperity, encourage creativity, and seek harmony with the environment, while the Company’s management policies are centered on the notion of contributing to society through its energy and environment businesses.

Ever since our establishment in 1923, Fuji Electric has been an innovator of electric and thermal energy technologies. By capitalizing on the technology with which we can wield control—i.e., creating, measuring (sensing technologies), controlling (control technologies), converting (power electronics technologies), and optimizing electricity—we contribute to clean energy, stable supply of energy, automation, and energy saving.

Going forward, we will continue to address the energy and environmental issues of our customers by leveraging the technological and engineering capabilities we have honed thus far together with our extensive track record of deliveries to a broad range of customers.

About FDT Group AISBL
The FDT Group AISBL is an international non-profit corporation consisting of leading worldwide member companies active in industrial automation and manufacturing. The major purpose of the FDT Group is to provide an open standard for enterprise-wide network and asset integration, innovating the way automation architectures connect and communicate sensor to cloud for the process, hybrid and factory automation markets. FDT Technology benefits both manufacturers and end users, with advancements such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industrie 4.0 delivered out-of-the-box – enabling modernized asset integration and access to performance data for visualizing crucial operational problems. Around the world, end users, manufacturers, universities, and research organizations are working together to develop the technology; provide development tools, support, and training; coordinate field trials and demonstrations; and enable product interoperability.


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