FDT Group releases new annex for IO-Link

October 26, 2008

IO-Link is becoming the new worldwide standard for sensor and actor communication in the world of automation. Many well known system suppliers as well as sensor and actor vendors support the new standard and offer IO-Link masters and devices. IO-Link can be easily integrated into existing field bus systems like e.g. PROFIBUS, Interbus, ProfiNet, AS-Interface, EtherCAT, etc.

The FDT Group released a new annex which describes how to communicate with IO-Link devices using FDT Technology. Now IO-Link devices can be deeply integrated into system suppliers’ Engineering Tools by using FDT/DTM as the preferred integration technology.

About the FDT Group AISBL™

The FDT Group AISBL is a non-profit corporation consisting of over 70 leading process and factory automation companies worldwide whose major purpose is to provide an open and non proprietary interface for the integration of field devices with engineering, automation and asset management systems. In this environment, end users, manufacturers, universities and research organizations are working together to develop the technology, provide development tools, support and training, coordinate field trials and demonstrations, and enable product interoperability.


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