FDI UIP or FDT/DTM …. Confused?

April 26, 2019

FDT/DTM and FDI UIP offers you the flexibility of handling complex Algorithm and fine-looking graphical user interfaces, however deciding on to go for FDT/DTM or FDI UIP is quiet ambiguous for the Manufacturers and Investing on both the technology is quiet expensive.

Utthunga being the pioneer in this field for more than a decade provides one stop solutions for all your Device Integration needs.  uDTM SDK is one such solution which accelerates development of FDT DTMs and also can easily be migrated to FDI UIP.

As a device manufacturer, if the DTM is developed using uDTM SDk, it can be easily migrated to FDI UIP Package and also be upgraded to FDT 2.x DTMs. This helps in reducing the overall effort in developing and maintaining the two technologies i.e. FDT and FDI.  Also, it can be extended to act like standalone and mobile application.

uDTM SDK is the one stop solution which accelerates development of FDT DTMs:

  • Reduces time to market
  • Common solution for FDI UIP and FDT/DTM
  • Reduces overall cost of development and maintenance

Features of uDTM SDK

  • Supports FDT1.2x, 2.x standards
  • Complies to FDT Style guide
  • Complies Single DTM Supporting multiple communication protocols
  • Easily Migrated to FDI UIP, Standalone and Mobile Applications
  • Tested with 13+ Hosts

For more information visit: https://utthunga.com/udtmsdk-dtm-development-suite/   

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