FDI-DTM: FDI Device Packages in FDT Host

April 18, 2018

Over the years, device integration has been a subject of great importance in the world of industrial automation to ensure system-wide interoperability, security and optimal plant performance. EDDL (Electronic Device Description Language), FDT/DTM™ (Field Device Tool/Device Type Manager) and FDI (Field Device Integration) are the three existing device integration standards in the process industry.

FDT® has a huge installed base of DTMs that support thousands of diverse devices from most of the world’s leading measurement and control suppliers. Additionally, FDT/FRAME™ applications have been integrated in most DCS systems.

FDI is an emerging device integration technology in the process automation industry. The core of FDI standard is the FDI Device Package. It is a standardized container having all the elements required for describing the field device in the plant. FDI Device Packages contain EDDL to manage the device operations and optional UIP (User Interface Plug-in) to describe the complex device functionalities like echo curve, valve signature etc.

FDI-DTM technology allows FDI Device Packages to be supported in existing FDT/FRAME-enabled host systems. This enables the existing huge installed base of FDT-enabled engineering applications to experience the benefits of FDI Device Packages. EDDL and UIP components within the FDI Device Package are interpreted as the Device DTM by the FDI-DTM technology. For FDT/FRAME™ applications, the FDI-DTM will act like a Device DTM whereas for the FDI Device Package, it will behave as if it is the FDI Host. FDI-DTM technology will ensure long-term investment protection for end users and device suppliers.

uFDI-DTMTM and uDD-DTMTM: Simple and Effective

Utthunga’s uFDI-DTMTM/uDD-DTMTM has been developed on FDI-DTM technology.

This enables DD and FDI Device Packages to work in FDT 1.2/2.0 FRAME-based hosts. It brings flexibility, allowing device vendors to support all three device integration standards while allowing end users the opportunity to use new FDI Device Packages and reuse existing EDDs in their FDT-enabled application.

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