Editorial: FDT – Led by Industry Subject Matter Experts

November 5, 2020

The FDT Group is comprised of an amazing organization of volunteers from our member companies. During any month, there are around 200 people “on-loan” from leading industrial automation companies around the world. These professionals are technical subject matter

experts, software engineers, business leaders, and marketing professionals that come together in various committees, working groups, and boards to support the evolution of the FDT standard. The FDT Group Board, itself comprised of such volunteers, is incredibly grateful for the sheer talent and dedication these companies make available to the FDT Group.

Today, we celebrate the upcoming retirement of one of our very dedicated volunteer business leaders – Hailing (Helen) Tan of Endress+Hauser. Helen is the Deputy General Manager of Endress+Hauser China and is the leader of FDT Group China, organized under the auspices of the China based CIMA organization. Helen has successfully led the expansion of the FDT standard throughout China including the adoption of the FDT2 Standard as China national standard GB-29618. During her tenure, the FDT Group China Committee has grown to include the leading automation companies in China, reflecting a diversity of technologies and served markets. Helen has also successfully served as an executive bridge between the China organization and the FDT Group international organization, ensuring synchronous messaging and objectives.

Hailing (Helen) Tan of Endress+Hauser
Mr. Yiwei Wang of Endress+Hauser

FDT Group international organization, ensuring synchronous messaging and objectives. Helen’s last official FDT action will take place during the China FDT Group meeting in November. Helen has nominated Mr. Yiwei Wang of Endress+Hauser to be her successor.  Please join me in thanking Helen for her many years of service and in wishing her a fun and well-deserved retirement from professional life. 退休快樂!

Lee Lane,

Chairman of the FDT Group Board of Directors

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