DTM Enhances Plant Operations and Safety in AADvance Process Safety Control System

February 2, 2021

Author: Frank Schirra, Rockwell Automation Global Portfolio Manager

In today’s rapidly changing environment, safety is always at top of mind, but do you have the flexibility and visibility to quickly adjust to meet the next challenge? The AADvance® Control System from Rockwell Automation offers a distributed, scalable architecture, which allows you to specify the level of safety integrity and availability you need throughout your facility to meet a wide range of operational needs. This level of flexibility is available for projects sized from a few IO points to large systems; with safety integrity levels from no safety requirement to SIL 3; and safety architectures including fail-safe to multiple fault tolerant.

Safety can be enhanced with remote maintenance practices and increased instrument health visibility. Rockwell Automation DTMs for the AADvance Control System enable remote configuration of field devices and transforms those devices into diagnostic rich data sources accessible to plant staff near or far to meet the challenges of frequent product or grade changes. Maintenance technicians gain on-demand, remote PC-based access to field device data to support troubleshooting activities that keep the facility running or get it back online quicker. Additional performance improvements can be obtained using applications that continuously monitoring process instrument health status.  This increased visibility using industry standards like NAMUR NE107 helps prioritize maintenance activities to improve safety and productivity.

To download the latest DTMs from Rockwell Automation, including the FactoryTalk® Linx CommDTM, the AADvance Gateway DTMs, or DTMs for other HART IO families, please visit our Product Compatibility and Download Center (PCDC) click on “Find downloads” and search for “DTM”.

Learn more about our AADvance System https://www.rockwellautomation.com/en-us/capabilities/process-solutions/process-safety-systems/safety-instrumented-systems/aadvance-control-system.html

You can also check out the latest process safety updates from our Automation Fair® At Home event. https://www.rockwellautomation.com/en-us/company/events/in-person-events/automation-fair.html

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