Device Driver for Digital Valve Controllers for a Leading OEM

February 2, 2021


One leading industrial automation giant, specialized in manufacturing, production, and lifecycle services for valves, actuators & regulators, and other plant assets faced practical difficulty in configuration and maintenance of their various field devices. Utthunga developed a single Device DTM, which reduced the operational time and time to market while ensuring compliance with FDT 1.2 standard.


Client is the manufacturer of a wide variety of industrial products including smart valve positioners, ball and sliding stem valves, steam conditioning equipment, and actuators.

They needed to develop a Device Driver/Device Type Manager (DTM) that allows the user to:

  • Perform Device Setup for 150+ Actuator types, Partial & Full Stroke methods
  • Monitor the health check of the instruments
  • Configure the input/output configuration parameters
  • Extend the instrument’s monitoring and diagnostic capabilities

They wanted their device driver to be complaint with the FDT 1.2 standards to operate in various FDT/FRAME applications including DCS. It was a crucial time for them to deliver the device driver to the market with very limited duration.


Based on the requirement analysis, the end user environment, and needs, Utthunga proposed below solutions for the client’s challenges.

  • Create mock-ups for complex methods like Device Setup, Auto Tuning, Stroke Value, Linearization, and Calibration. The actual Device Setup method flow had 100+ screens, which had been simplified into 20+ screens without changing any algorithm or the flow of the method logic.
  • Develop the Device DTM to meet FDT 1.2 standard and PROFIBUS PA Profile with 3.02 compliance and related attributes shall be added in the Device DTM for identification purpose.
  • Perform pre-compliance testing to reduce time spent for fixing the issues during the FDT certification process.
  • Provide a better user experience and usability by following Human Centered Design to reduce the duplicate screens and methods.
  • Set up the test environment to work with the existing Device Description and to have complete understanding of the device functionality.
  • Provide multiple language support with very minimal development efforts by only providing the resource strings in XML.

Internals of uDTMsdk, Utthunga’s proprietary DTM development framework


The client was able to achieve tangible benefits in various aspects:

  • The single Device DTM shall be used to work with 150+ Actuator types and Actuator sizes.
  • Quick and on-time demonstration/deployment of the device DTM resulted in gaining the trust of new customers and actively engaging them.
  • Reduced the development efforts for this project from 12 months to 7 months while providing high quality deliverables using Utthunga’s proprietary framework, uDTMsdk.
  • Reduced the time spent for executing the complex methods flow, which in turn saved time during commissioning.
  • Same device configuration can be loaded to N number of device by using upload & download operations.

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Authored by: Ms. Divya Selvakumar, Utthunga

Email: [email protected]

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