DD/FDI Device Package to FDT/DTM

January 11, 2018

The device integration technologies like EDDL, DTM and FDI allow consistent commissioning, configuration and maintenance of field devices. Although, most of the functionalities offered by these three standards overlap, still the vendors are entailed to invest in all of these technologies to support various FDT/DD/FDI Hosts.

Utthunga solves this problem of device vendors by offering comprehensive, robust and cost-effective conversion tools called uFDI-DTMTM and uDD-DTMTM. These tools take DD/FDI Device Package as input and convert into FDT 1.2/2.0 DTM.


  • Supports FDT 1.2.x, 2.0 standards and complies to FDT style guide
  • Supports HART, Profibus and FF (FDT 1.2x) protocols
  • UIP hosting support including direct access
  • Device Health Status
  • Offline/Online Configuration
  • Upload/Download, Import/Export, Print
  • Interoperable with the following 13 FDT Hosts:
    • PACTware V4.1
    • fdtCONTAINER V4.2
    • Fieldcare V2.09
    • ABB Asset Vision  Basic V1.0.2
    • ABB 800XA V5.1.0
    • ABB Symphony Melody V6.0
    • ABB Symphony Harmony V1.2
    • Emerson AMS V12.5
    • Yokogawa PRM VP R5.01
    • Yokogawa  FieldMate V3.02
    • Honeywell FDM V450
    • Rockwell FactoryTalk V30
    • Rosemount Transmitter Interface Software [RTIS] V1.2.1
    • Need-based tool and DTM customization services can be availed

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