Cooperation Agreement between FDT Group AISBL and PACTware™ Consortium e. V.

April 24, 2006

FDT Group and PACTware™ Consortium formalize their long-term collaboration by a cooperation agreement

Today FDT Group and PACTware™ Consortium have signed a cooperation agreement.

Both organisations are interested in a clear communication of their relationship and an uniform marketing strategy of the FDT Technology.

The mission of the FDT Group is to establish, promote, and maintain open FDT Technology for the benefit of end users as well as device and control system manufacturers. Its objective is to create an international standard that enables end users to configure, manage, and integrate any field device from any device manufacturer connected to any control system or asset management tool independent of any fieldbus protocol.

PACTware™ Consortium jointly develops software solutions based on FDT Technology. This allows users to operate field devices of different manufacturers with the single standard Software PACTware™. PACTware™ is a simple solution  for device configuration. At the same time it provides a path from basic applications to complex Asset Management. An open standard software solution is essential for small and medium-sized companies organised in the PACTware™ Consortium.

Within the agreement, FDT Group grants PACTware™ Consortium the nomination of one representative for election to the Board of Directors and one representative as Vice President in the Executive Committee. Furthermore, FDT Group grants PACTware™ Consortium one voting delegate per project group to each of the FDT Group’s Marketing, Technical, and Association & Standards Committees.

The PACTware™ Consortium grants FDT Group a voting delegate to the Marketing Working Group to coordinate marketing activities of both organizations.

The partners believe that this strategic cooperation is in the best interest of the automation industry and will accelerate the use of open FDT Technology in all industries.

The FDT Group is an open, independent, non-profit-making association of currently 47 international companies that is responsible for maintenance, further development, and promotion of the FDT Technology.

FDT Group Press Contact Europe:

Flavio Tolfo

Phone: +32 473 52 86 18

E-Mail: [email protected]

PACTware™ Consortium is an open, independent, non-profit-making association of international companies and has been founded to create a platform for the distribution of the manufacturer independent configuration software PACTware™. Besides the maintenance and further development of PACTware™, the promotion of FDT Technology is a main task of the consortium. PACTware™ is open source and is provided to the members of the PACTware Consortium free of charge.

PACTware™ Consortium e.V. Press Contact:

Business Office

Phone: +49 7240 94309-61

E-Mail: [email protected]

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