Cloud Based Asset Monitoring for Field Devices

October 10, 2018

German company wetcon, with many years of expertise in development of device management solutions based on FDT and FDI, offers with a cloud-based asset management for field devices as Software as a Service (SaaS). Thanks to a plug-in for PACTware, provided free of charge, this is available to all DTMs, hosted in PACTware, without them having to be modified.

The web application provides statistical overview of configured device types, their geographic location information, editing users, NE107 status of devices, executed parameter up and downloads, occurred error messages, parameter related audit trail information and it also supports user configurable alarms with E-Mail notification. This information can also be displayed for a dedicated device instance.

Within PACTware no specific or additional user handling is required to provide this information to Instead, the plug-in takes over the logging of all activities and delivers the data to the fielddevice service via a secure connection for the respective customer database. The reports are highly interactive and based on Power BI from Microsoft.

Usage of is free of charge for 30 days. After that, payment is based on the number of connected field devices.

Product ad contributed by

wetcon GmbH, 89250 Senden, Germany

[email protected]

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