SERCOS and FDT: Working Together for Open Systems

November 26, 2008

In November, the user organizations for the two open standards SERCOS III and FDT agreed to collaborate on drawing up an annex to the FDT specification for SERCOS III. SERCOS III will thus be the first high-performance real-time Ethernet communication standard to support FDT Technology, used by many manufacturers to connect field devices to a wide range of software environments. The extension of the FDT specification reinforces the flexibility of SERCOS III as a universal bus for real-time systems in the field of automation.

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FDT Group releases new annex for IO-Link

October 26, 2008

IO-Link is becoming the new worldwide standard for sensor and actor communication in the world of automation. Many well known system suppliers as well as sensor and actor vendors support the new standard and offer IO-Link masters and devices. IO-Link can be easily integrated into existing field bus systems like e.g. PROFIBUS, Interbus, ProfiNet, AS-Interface, EtherCAT, etc.

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Certification Process

September 27, 2008

The certification process for DTMs is successfully established since years. DTMs for more than 1000 devices are already certified and listed on the FDT Group’s web site. The tests of DTMs are performed with the official test tool dtmINSPECTOR which checks the conformance of the DTM against FDT Specifications.

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