Benefit from the New DTM User Interface – It’s More Than Just a Facelift

May 12, 2022

Device DTM’s are embedded device drivers representing simple and complex smart instrumentation with specific parameters/functions and interfaces. DTMs allow all devices and device representations (DD, EDD, FDI, etc.) to connect and communicate with any FDT hosting environment (PC or device configuration tablet) independent of any network topology. They provide a unified environment empowering operators with a single user interface simplifying field-to-host interoperability and lifecycle management (device integration, configuration, monitoring, diagnostics, etc.).

With millions of DTMs in service around the globe, the user community is fond of the intuitive user interface that offers data consistency effective for asset management. DTMs are the perfect diagnostic assistant working 24/7, allowing operators a dashboard glance of asset health for predictive maintenance strategies. Endress + Hauser is committed to delivering a comprehensive device management environment based on your choice of FDT or FDI.

DTMs – The Hidden Heroes of Asset Management:

  • DTMs enable smart devices – standardized integration, access, configuration, and monitoring of all field devices with any FDT hosting environment.
  • Interactive DTM user interface – new design with modernized menus and features simplifies daily maintenance work.
  • Improves plant lifecycle maintenance – commissioning field devices, and replacing obsolete assets.
  • New wizards and DTM menus – streamline operations and improve accuracy along with worker safety while saving time and money.

Endress+Hauser has enhanced the DTM user interface based-on user-driven feedback with new features improving intelligent device management.

  • Fast commissioning – Commissioning a new device can turn into hours if parametrization is not clear. The new DTM interface comes with an installation wizard guiding you through the installation and parameterization process.
  • Easy operations – View and access device health status at a glance and gain real-time measured values from the top of your screen.
  • Obtain the cause and remedy information for maintaining your asset with one click.
  • Seamless documentation – The DTM gives you an easy option to document the device configuration paperlessly.
  • Advanced usage – More functionalities added for specialists: e.g., you can switch on/off different diagnostics.

FDT Product Case Study provided by Endress+Hauser.

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