Accessing Device Information for Improved Plant Reliability

January 9, 2015

With an aging workforce ready to retire, a reduction in budget and manpower resources and the need to evaluate much more information before making critical decisions, it is important that you use all of the information available. Today’s measurement and control devices typically are an overlooked or underutilized resource that can dramatically aid in your plant’s decision making process.

Devices today are not only configurable but also very intelligent. They provide device and process information quickly so users can diagnose both devices and communication networks. Using one of the many available industrial field  communication protocols (FOUNDATION fieldbus, HART, Profibus, etc.) and an asset management application, you can facilitate intelligent information integration into the work and decision making process. Once integrated, this information can become part of what ARC Advisory Group calls the Industrial Internet of Things, providing real-time access to information that helps increase plant reliability and efficiency.

Today, plant asset management applications are used to configure, monitor and diagnose devices as well as fieldbuses, digital communication networks and gateways that provide valuable segment and network diagnostics. The application can be a PC-based tool or embedded in a control system. With this application, users have an easy-to-use graphical interface to support all the functions needed for device and asset management.

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