A More Reliable Level Measurement for Industry 4.0

May 1, 2023

The process industry is evolving. Digital connectivity is forging rapidly ahead as concepts and technologies such as NOA (NAMUR Open Architecture), MTP (Modular Type Package), and Ethernet-APL (Advanced Physical Layer) are deployed in an increasing number of processes around the world. This opens up new avenues into the previously self-contained automation level and thus a theoretical convenient entryway for cyberattacks.

In spite of potential vulnerabilities, the open-endedness provided by these technologies offer numerous

advantages for users. For example, level sensors provide important data across many different areas of industrial activity. Process data is thus available across locations, allowing for worldwide inventory management. For that reason, VEGA put great effort into achieving IEC 62443-4-2 certification for its latest flagship radar level sensor, VEGAPULS 6X.

The development of VEGAPULS 6X included an analysis of possible threats right from the start in order to identify weak points at an early stage and create countermeasures. This was to ensure not only the security of the sensor itself, but with the entire production process to which it would be connected. This work was supervised by the independent institution TÜV Nord, which ensured a robust and secure networking framework. All of this work culminated in VEGAPULS 6X emerging as the secure radar level sensor for the future of the process industry.

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