Industry-driven feedback has been the basis for the growth of FDT technology since the release of the original single-user desktop approach, Version 1.2 specification in 2001. The latest version of the standard, FDT Unified Environment (UE), or FDT 3.0, has evolved to a distributed, multi-user, client/server approach. It offers a robust combination of features, including improved security, faster performance, ease of use, and investment protection. These advancements underscore FDT’s transformation as a complete, standardized platform enabling field-to-cloud, enterprise-wide connectivity for the new era of automation.

The FDT 3.0 / Unified Environment (UE) Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Ecosystem, consisting of FDT hosting environments (Server and Desktop) and DTMs, delivers universal device integration and a data-centric platform to mobilize the industrial workforce with modern and diverse deployment options, including cloud, enterprise, edge, on-premise, and desktop environments.