This webinar hosted by FDT Group and Utthunga explores new techniques for harmonizing IT/OT data for any network, device or industry, with a secure-in-depth approach.

The webinar speakers include:
Glenn Schulz, Managing Director, FDT Group
Dharmaraju B, Technical Director – Device Integration, Utthunga.

The 60-minute webinar will educate attendees on the following important topics:
1. What is the FDT 3.0 IIoT platform and ecosystem?
2. How does the FDT OPC UA Universal Device Information Model (companion specification) integrate all networks, devices (and information models) and industries?
3. How does FDT leverage a ‘secure-by-design’ approach for information integrity and reliability?
4. How does FDT integrate the PADIM to solve data harmonization problem for process automation?
5. Experience the demonstration of uDDX Suite.